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Space Shuttle cockpit

Even though the boys aren’t very good tourists, I managed to convince them to go to Houston to the Johnson Space Center for a tour. So being a true and cheap techno geek, I saved 50% on the admission price by buying and printing the tickets in advance. You can do it too by going to to get the info that you need.

We arrived early, checked our stuff through security and then got our techno geek headphones for the audio tour. Glad we opted for the audio because it’s like walking around with your own tour guide. You get a lot more info than you would just reading the signage.

I wanted to see the real mission control (which was advertised to be part of the tour), so we headed right for the tram. In keeping with our usual luck though, it was closed for an unexplained reason. So we went on the B tour, which wasn’t too bad. We got to see all of the mock-up shuttles, the international space station modules, and the robotic arms that the astronauts use to train for their missions. We also saw the building that the current space shuttle crew was being held in quarantine in preparation for the mission that they were going on in a few days. Not to mention seeing a Saturn 5 rocket up close and personal.

Plus we got to touch a real moon rock (smooth). Kurt won’t admit it, but I think he had a good time.

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