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Terry talked me into geocaching

Old windmill

I usually stay behind and work while Terry forces Kurt to go geocaching, but since this particular trip seemed to involve some dirt and Jeep driving, I volunteered to be the driver. What I really wanted to do was go four-wheeling, but this was close enough.

After spending some time figuring out which dirt road to take out of town, we finally found one that seemed to wander off in the right direction, so we headed out. Quartzsite seems to be the only town that I’ve ever seen that seems to be surrounded by dirt and various and sundry washes. In fact, we had to pull two trucks out of the washes earlier in the day after they decided to use the wash as overflow parking for the giant flea market. I think their shopping day was cut short a bit.

Now, back to my original story. Terry indulged me by letting me find the first cache of the day with my Triton GPS. We have a little GPS war going on; he is convinced that his Delorme is way better than my Triton, but I think it’s the other way around. Anyway, I found it without too much trouble now that I’ve figured out how to use the damn thing.

Hole 10 at the Greasewood Golf Course

Hole 10 at the Greasewood Golf Course

We kept driving through washes and finding caches, until we noticed that there seemed to be flags in the creosote bushes. What in the heck is that I wondered? Then it all became clearer as we noticed little benches next to the flags that made them look like golf holes. Guess we were driving on the golf course. The ‘greens’ were denoted by lines drawn in the sand. They even had a clubhouse (otherwise known as a handicapped size Porta-Potty) and mens’ and ladies’ rooms (also known as regular size Porta Potties). In the meantime, Kurt decided to stop reading his book and actually get out of the Jeep. Next thing I knew, Kurt was lying on the ground moaning. He had fallen out of the Jeep, but luckily none of the golfers were watching. We did have a cache to find, which caused the regular golfers to ask why we were heading off into the bushes and why didn’t we have any clubs? After giving them a lame excuse we found our cache and pushed on. Kurt got back in the Jeep and said that his wrist was broken. Terry gave Kurt the cleanest rag he could find to keep the blood off of the Jeep seat covers.

Our next cache took us to one of the oldest wells in the Quartzsite area. I jumped out to take pictures while Terry tried to find the cache. After taking at least 50 pictures of what I considered to be the best example of the Wild West that we had found so far, I decided to try to help Terry out. I could hear him grumbling about how many damn pictures I could take of one place and that it would sure be nice if someone helped him find the cache.

Along came two riders who seemed to be natives. They were obviously curious about why we seemed to be carefully examining every post in the corral, so I let them in on our secret. We talked for awhile about how Quartzsite was back in the day while they helped us look. Actually, they looked while I talked. I wasn’t really looking very hard. Anyway, one of them asked if this little container on a string was it. Sure enough it was. They said that was sure fun and that they were going to check out the geocaching website. I hope they know how to spell cache so that they can find it on the Internet. Most people spell it cash.

Oh, I almost forgot how I knew about this being the one of the oldest wells around. We had picked up a book earlier in the day at Reader’s Oasis, Quartzsite’s world-famous book store. You see, Terry wanted to get a new novel to read and it seemed like a good place to go. We also had some books to trade, so I tracked down the owner to make the exchange. It only took a few seconds to realize that what I thought were skin colored pants was actually his skin. He wasn’t wearing any (pants I mean). He took off his sweater and got right to work. Guess clothes are a little overrated here when the temperature rarely gets down below 40. So we were able to buy a few books for only a few bucks and still have a store credit to boot. Wonder what the owner will be wearing next time.

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