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To Texas or Bust

After spending two weeks in Paso Robles (California) visiting the family and attending to doctor’s appointments, we headed out on February 23 intent on getting to Texas this time to become real Texans. I spent the morning nervously following behind the truck/trailer in the Jeep, watching one of the trailer tires that seemed ready to blow. It never did, but as we were climbing up the Grapevine heading into southern CA on I-5, Terry suddenly jumped from the #4 lane to the shoulder with flashers on. I knew that couldn’t be good, and sure enough something was seriously amiss with the truck. It would not go more than 10 MPH on that big grade. We tossed around our options and decided to limp it down the hill to the Hungry Valley SVRA (an acronym for a state riding area) so that we could park the trailer and prepare for an extended stay.