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Cooking on the road

Let’s face it: RV kitchens are a challenge under the best of circumstances. Throw in a lack of storage, weight considerations, and unfamiliarity with the local shopping options and you have a recipe for home cooking failure.

But with some planning and a careful choice of appliances, you can overcome and become adept at preparing gourmet meals within your limitations.

On-the-road fitness

I have to admit that when we began our travels, both of us were fairly out of shape and a little overweight. After raising kids, working hectic schedules, not paying attention to our eating habits, and never exercising (at least me anyway), it was time to give ourselves some attention.

Terry was the first one to get serious. I secretly thought he was a little foolish to use various trailer parts (like the stabilizer bars) as makeshift weights. And I was happy to sit around in the trailer while he rode his bike for miles and miles in various weather conditions. But his enthusiasm became contagious, so I grudgingly tried to join in.