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Wanna be astronauts

Space Shuttle cockpit

Even though the boys aren’t very good tourists, I managed to convince them to go to Houston to the Johnson Space Center for a tour. So being a true and cheap techno geek, I saved 50% on the admission price by buying and printing the tickets in advance. You can do it too by going to to get the info that you need.

RL RV Park

We stopped here early in March and again today. It seems to be a good mid-way point for us and is located close to I-20.

The Escapees rate is $15 per night for 30 amp/$17 for 50 amp.

AT&T and Verizon both worked fine. TV is what you can get with your antenna (in our case nothing). Country music seems to be the only thing available on the radio. The lowly laundry consists of one washer and dryer, although there is no charge to use them. There is a big pond available for fishing, none of which Terry or Kurt could catch. We’ve decided to see how many states we can fish in without catching anything. The only rule is that some kind of bait or lure has to be used. We have to at least try.

It’s official

Truck and trailer

Our campsite in Livingston

We are finally real Texans, after earning our stripes. It required a quick jaunt to North Carolina, heavy negotiations with auto insurance and financing companies, big hassles at the vehicle registration office, even bigger challenges at the local DMV in order to get our driver’s licenses, installation of the required rear mudflaps, and two vehicle inspections (truck and trailer). But now that it is all said and done we have a used 2008 Ford F-450, Terry has a Class A endorsement on his license after taking the written and a driving test (which required him to actually drive with two hands on the wheel and signal when changing lanes), I have a regular license and Texas plates for the Jeep, and the trailer is now a Texas Travel Trailer. Instead of the two weeks that we thought it would take, it turned into a month-long ordeal.

Can’t drive 55

New Mexico speed limit

Can you believe these speed limits? We found these in New Mexico. The truckers must love it, although they are relegated to the pokey 70 MPH limit. And yes, we were seeing people towing large trailers going 80 to 90. Yikes!

To the end of the Rainbow

It seems like the end to our long journey is nearly here, in more ways than one. We are currently only a day’s drive to Rainbow’s End in Livingston, Texas, our official address. It seems that we have planned for this moment to arrive for several years now, from imagining a life on the road, to slowly making plans, to actually getting in the truck and turning the key.

I saw a motorhome in the campground this morning that was aptly named ‘American Dream,’ with a tagline that proclaimed that that was what they were doing in their RV — living the American Dream. So are we, and I’m grateful every day for the opportunity.