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Our new home

2014 Dutchmen Voltage 3905

We had bored our family for years talking about the trailer (a Dutchmen Voltage 3905) that we were going to buy after selling our home in California. It seemed like a far off dream with its three slides, auto levelers and three TVs.

When our home sold in just a few days it almost didn’t seem real that we were actually going to be able to buy the rig that we had dreamed about for so long. Real or not though, we headed to Richardson’s RV in Riverside (CA) for the purchase. What we hadn’t planned on was how utterly difficult it was going to be to obtain financing because we now didn’t have a ‘real’ address. All of the regular creditors turned us down, so we had to use Essex Credit to get the loan. We highly recommend them for all of you full-time RV’ers out there. We got a great rate and they didn’t blink twice about our living arrangements.

Here is a weird twist on this story: We had actually sat in the unit that we bought months earlier when it was at the Pomona RV show. We probably drove our salesperson a little mad pining over it and dreaming about what it would be like to be ours. And now it is in all of its luxurious glory.

So far our ownership of the Voltage has been absolutely trouble-free, which is a nice and surprising change for us.