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Our campsite in Livingston

We are finally real Texans, after earning our stripes. It required a quick jaunt to North Carolina, heavy negotiations with auto insurance and financing companies, big hassles at the vehicle registration office, even bigger challenges at the local DMV in order to get our driver’s licenses, installation of the required rear mudflaps, and two vehicle inspections (truck and trailer). But now that it is all said and done we have a used 2008 Ford F-450, Terry has a Class A endorsement on his license after taking the written and a driving test (which required him to actually drive with two hands on the wheel and signal when changing lanes), I have a regular license and Texas plates for the Jeep, and the trailer is now a Texas Travel Trailer. Instead of the two weeks that we thought it would take, it turned into a month-long ordeal.

Our campsite was beautiful though, complete with flowering cottonwoods and various birds filling the air with songs.

The Escapees park at Rainbow’s End reminded me of something out of the Stepford Wives where everyone drove golf carts and dressed up for dinner, happy hour was every day at 4, we all waved to each other as we went by, ice cream socials were on Sundays and everyone wore nametags. I suddenly felt decades older, and thought that maybe I should take up knitting. But they all made us feel welcome, and none of them ever pinched Kurt’s cheeks.

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