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Hi Jolly Daze Parade

Hi Jolly Daze parade trashy trailer

Just because the name of the parade seems a little high and jolly doesn’t mean that that was what it was. We had actually found out earlier in the week that a guy named Hi Jolly made himself famous in Quartzsite for the herd of camels that he used to shepherd through here. Yes, that’s right — camels. Turns out the government had this brilliant idea to use them during the civil war since they were better than mules as pack animals. They even like creosote bushes and can carry 600 pounds. But I digress.

The parade was meant to celebrate all things Quartzsite, so we went, hoping to get some sense of the spirit of the town. We weren’t disappointed. Included were bicycles with camel heads, floats made out of old trashy trailers, a sad little marching band with 6 members (they were really good though), a few old tractors, genuine horse riders, a full ATV club, old cars…. you get the idea. We were going to enter the Jeep, but we would have had to wash it, so we didn’t.