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Desert flora and faunaWe headed out for wild blue yonder on December 30, 2009 with every intention of going to Texas to ‘become’ Texans by registering our cars and getting driver’s licenses. We promptly blew a tire on the trailer in the first 50 miles, which was changed by my husband Terry and son Kurt with plenty of grumbling and obscenities along the way. They are getting really good at it though.

Even so, we made it to Banning, CA as planned and spent the night at the KOA there. We couldn’t run the heater in the trailer that night because we had the quads in the cargo bay. Kurt’s quad leaks gas pretty bad, so it was kind of like sleeping inside of a giant gas tank. I was afraid to run anything fueled by flames. Which is why I couldn’t cook, so we went to a restaurant for dinner. I decided to show Terry the really cool weather app on my iPhone, and how I had been watching the weather in Texas, Paso Robles, and Quartzsite Arizona all at the same time. He was intrigued and decided to put on his granny glasses so that he could study it some. After looking at the weather in Texas he exclaimed that he liked the weather in Quartzsite better. So right then and there we decided to stop in Quartzsite the next morning, unload our giant gas tank and park there for awhile.

We enjoyed our first real day of full-timing on January 1 by visiting one side of one street in several of the tent cities in Quartzsite. They have vendors who sell everything from $1 kitchen gadgets to $5,000 rocks for your yard. Had a great time doing that and only scratched the surface of the ‘shopping’ available.

The next day we decided to drive the Jeep off-road and discovered that one of the arms on the sway bar disconnect had given out. So we have to baby it until the replacement parts show up at general delivery. We paid our camping fees so that we can boondock in our BLM campsite until April 15. It is $180 for 7 months of camping, which is kind of why there are lots of people living in tents and riding bicycles here.

We discovered early on that we can’t get ANY channels on the TV and the only radio station is an old classic rock station. I love it, but the boys are suffering. Terry keeps stealing my iPhone to read the news after I made the mistake of showing him my USA Today app.

Terry has 200 geocaches scoped out to find, which should only take him a few weeks at the rate he’s going. Kurt is still spending most of his time huddled around his iPod, but is very helpful when it’s time to get some work done. We haven’t seen hide nor hair of another teenager anywhere in the vicinity. Unless you count the 70-somethings who are trying to act like one.

Terry’s biggest gripe so far is all the old people driving going on. He has never seen so many people driving badly 15 miles an hour under the speed limit in one place ever before.

We drove to Parker (Arizona) today to pick up a new Honda generator. It will take a lot less gas than the big one, and will allow us to put less wear and tear on the big generator too. I had to stay in the truck to guard the new generator while Kurt and Terry went in the brand new Super Walmart to get a lock and chain for it and another lock for the storage locker that we now have in a lovely part of Quartzsite. At least there was a dog in the truck parked next to our truck so that I had some company. Right before we left the parking lot we had the privilege of watching another 70-something old person driving jackknife his fifth wheel into the little cargo trailer that he was towing BEHIND the fifth wheel while trying to turn around too sharp in the parking lot so that his wife could check out the new Super Walmart.

Back in Quartzsite a little later we bought firewood for $4 a bag from a guy who just wanted to get back to Visalia. He has to sell all of his wood first though, so maybe we’ll go back a few more times and help him out. Don’t know why he wants to go back there though.

Guess I’ll stop thrilling you now with all of the exciting happenings here in the booming town of Quartzsite. No offense to all 70-somethings or the town of Visalia. I’m sure you are never guilty of old person driving, jackknifing your trailers or acting like teenagers. At least, not very often.