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Let’s face it: RV kitchens are a challenge under the best of circumstances. Throw in a lack of storage, weight considerations, and unfamiliarity with the local shopping options and you have a recipe for home cooking failure.

But with some planning and a careful choice of appliances, you can overcome and become adept at preparing gourmet meals within your limitations.

With our focus on fitness, one of the most important things to us is nutrition. We try to limit eating out in an effort to cut down on calories, save money, and have more control over what we are eating. But without some menu planning, it’s very easy to get into the habit of buying fast food or eating out rather than preparing meals at home.

So when we sold our home and went full-time, I had to carefully choose what I wanted to have with me for food preparation. There are plenty of blogs and articles that cover kitchen essentials, so I won’t go into that here.

What I will discuss is the very effective method that I have found to help us plan our menus and prepare our meals. To cut down on weight and paper, we rely on our iPads and iPhones for just about everything: reading the news, playing games, occasionally watching videos, checking email, etc. Since I no longer carry cookbooks, I downloaded an app called Cozi ( and installed it on all of our devices. It is by far the most valuable tool that I have in my food planning/prep arsenal.

There are several reasons for using an app like Cozi. First: it’s a repository for all of your recipes. If you see a recipe on the web that you want to make, simply add it to Cozi. Then you add the ingredients for the recipe to your Cozi shopping list with a few clicks. At the store, you put Cozi in ‘shopping’ mode, which automatically moves items that you check off down to the bottom of the list as you shop. When you get home and are ready to prepare the meal, the Cozi app stays on for you during meal prep so that you don’t have to constantly hit the screen (with wet hands) when it times out.

And possibly the best thing about it is that Cozi stays in sync with all of your devices. I forgot my phone last week when we went grocery shopping, but since my husband had his phone (and the Cozi app), I was able to use his phone to go shopping anyway. The list that I had created on my iPad was on his phone. In fact, we can both shop for ingredients at the same time and if he checks something off on his list, I’ll see that he checked it off on my list.

Yes, I am a geek when it comes to technology, but this app (or others like it), is a great way to ensure that you have a plan and stick to it.


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