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Carlsbad Caverns

Today, my mom wanted to go to the world famous Carlsbad Caverns. We drove about 275 miles yesterday to Carlsbad. Before we went I heard that the caverns are just a huge cave system that was found by settlers who saw thousands of Mexican bats flying out all at the same time. When we got there, you couldn’t see the mouth of the cave so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We went into the visitors center, got our tickets, and headed down to the mouth. So, you walk down the natural opening in the cave, and your elevation changes about 750 feet. What was going through my mind the whole time while we were in there was, would cell phones work 750 feet underground? Never got a chance to prove that but my guess was no.

Anyway, you walk down the long snaking trail into the cave, and you walk into the smaller room. The smaller room was pretty big still, with all the stalagmites and stalagtites. Then you go into the “Big Room”. Personaly, I think that “Big Room” is an understatement. The Big Room is 4 football fields long, so 400 yards, and about half a football field wide, 50 yards. Imagine that 750 feet below ground and you hear the distant drip of water from the ceiling (Chinese water torture?).

What I liked the most was the “Bottomless Pit” which isn’t really bottomless, only about 100 feet deep. Overall, I think we hiked maybe 3 miles downhill. But on the way out there’s an elevator so we kind of cheated. What I heard was that there were some restaurants at the bottom of the cave but it was really just a gift shop with some pre wrapped sandwiches, but there was an EXTREMELY overpriced “real” restaurant back on the surface. As you ride up the elevator, you’re going about 9 miles an hour and when you get back up your eyes are so adjusted to the dark you are almost blinded!!

After that 3 miles of hiking, it’s about 2:00 pm and mom wants to hike even more! Either she’s super fit or just crazy (fit, no. crazy, yes.). She ends up hearing Dad and I whine about how much we’ve walked and decides to just go on a 10 mile self guided car tour thingy. I wasn’t listening much so her babbling about the plants I didn’t really remember.

We never got to see any bats so Mom was kind of bummed.

Hope you liked my blogs so far! Only my second ever so tell me how I’m doing. I’d love to hear about it! Maybe I’ll get dad to write one but no guarantees.