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Buffalo Day

My mom decided to try and get out of Texas and try and go a little west so she wanted to go to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Yesterday, while we were towing the trailer, Dad noticed the truck didn’t have enough power going up hills even though he had his foot to the floor (what a whiner). So, my Dad took the truck to get fixed today and we are now stuck with a terrible Ford Torus rental car, that has been smoked in and smells like dogs. I guess my mom got tired of sitting in the trailer with the air conditioning off because it’s about 90 degrees inside. I was in shorts and I was still sweating!!

We found a nice museum in town not far from the camp ground we are in and I guess this spot is pretty significant in Texas history. Don’t ask me what happened because all I did was look at the cool displays and blast my music. I did like the movie about living on the plains because it had these cool chairs and a 360 view of like 5 different monitors! The chairs spin so I spun too fast and got really dizzy!

After that my mom STILL wasn’t done and decided to go to ANOTHER museum! The total amount of history I got out of all of this was: back a long time ago there used to be millions of buffalo, or as the native Americans called them, “thunder beasts”. Then we came and decided to kill them all for the hide and meat. Am I right?

Anyways, today we saw a lot about buffalo and I got my cousins Lindsey and Vanessa some really cool buffalo necklaces! I hope they aren’t reading this because that’s a surprise!! shhhhhhhhh

P.S. this is my first blog post ever.

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