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Headin’ Out

Desert flora and faunaWe headed out for wild blue yonder on December 30, 2009 with every intention of going to Texas to ‘become’ Texans by registering our cars and getting driver’s licenses. We promptly blew a tire on the trailer in the first 50 miles, which was changed by my husband Terry and son Kurt with plenty of grumbling and obscenities along the way. They are getting really good at it though.

Even so, we made it to Banning, CA as planned and spent the night at the KOA there. We couldn’t run the heater in the trailer that night because we had the quads in the cargo bay. Kurt’s quad leaks gas pretty bad, so it was kind of like sleeping inside of a giant gas tank. I was afraid to run anything fueled by flames. Which is why I couldn’t cook, so we went to a restaurant for dinner. I decided to show Terry the really cool weather app on my iPhone, and how I had been watching the weather in Texas, Paso Robles, and Quartzsite Arizona all at the same time. He was intrigued and decided to put on his granny glasses so that he could study it some. After looking at the weather in Texas he exclaimed that he liked the weather in Quartzsite better. So right then and there we decided to stop in Quartzsite the next morning, unload our giant gas tank and park there for awhile.

We enjoyed our first real day of full-timing on January 1 by visiting one side of one street in several of the tent cities in Quartzsite. They have vendors who sell everything from $1 kitchen gadgets to $5,000 rocks for your yard. Had a great time doing that and only scratched the surface of the ‘shopping’ available.