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Our new home

2014 Dutchmen Voltage 3905

We had bored our family for years talking about the trailer (a Dutchmen Voltage 3905) that we were going to buy after selling our home in California. It seemed like a far off dream with its three slides, auto levelers and three TVs.

When our home sold in just a few days it almost didn’t seem real that we were actually going to be able to buy the rig that we had dreamed about for so long. Real or not though, we headed to Richardson’s RV in Riverside (CA) for the purchase. What we hadn’t planned on was how utterly difficult it was going to be to obtain financing because we now didn’t have a ‘real’ address. All of the regular creditors turned us down, so we had to use Essex Credit to get the loan. We highly recommend them for all of you full-time RV’ers out there. We got a great rate and they didn’t blink twice about our living arrangements.

Rebuilding the blog

I decided that the blog needed an update, so I’m working on it. Much of the old content is missing while I’m under the hood. I know that you are very disappointed that you can’t see of our boring past adventures, but I promise I’ll put back every sordid detail as soon as I get it all sorted out.

In the meantime we’re enjoying a hot and humid summer down on the gulf coast of Texas. Stay tuned…

The real Wild West in Pecos

Pecos was the site of the world's first rodeoAnother Escapees RV park in Texas brought us to a pretty cool little town called Pecos. We stopped here at the Trapark, a pretty desolate spot. Terry needed a break from driving, so we decided to stay for two days rather than the usual overnight.

The wind was blowing briskly, so Kurt quickly set up his kite to begin practicing his flying techniques. The thing is amazing in high winds, and Kurt is rapidly becoming an expert kite pilot.

We were told that the museum was not to miss, so we headed out the next morning to check it out. Even I was overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the museum that occupied both the old hotel and the saloon. Every room was set up with a different historical theme, and they even had a talking bartender who showed us where the bullet holes still are from a famous shootout that occurred there.

Wanna be astronauts

Space Shuttle cockpit

Even though the boys aren’t very good tourists, I managed to convince them to go to Houston to the Johnson Space Center for a tour. So being a true and cheap techno geek, I saved 50% on the admission price by buying and printing the tickets in advance. You can do it too by going to to get the info that you need.

RL RV Park

We stopped here early in March and again today. It seems to be a good mid-way point for us and is located close to I-20.

The Escapees rate is $15 per night for 30 amp/$17 for 50 amp.

AT&T and Verizon both worked fine. TV is what you can get with your antenna (in our case nothing). Country music seems to be the only thing available on the radio. The lowly laundry consists of one washer and dryer, although there is no charge to use them. There is a big pond available for fishing, none of which Terry or Kurt could catch. We’ve decided to see how many states we can fish in without catching anything. The only rule is that some kind of bait or lure has to be used. We have to at least try.